Jewelry Care & Materials


Our jewels have been lovingly crafted and many of the components are put together by hand. So please note, that length and shape can vary a bit. The metal pieces are usually made of  925 silver (excepted our Real Gold & Stainless Steel Range) and are all plated of high quality. We use a thick gold plating for our jewels. On the top of that we finish them with an E-Coating Layer to avoid tarnishing. This means that the plating color stays with the correct care really long shiny. 


here are also some tips to keep your jewelry looking their best:


Sterling Silver:  

is an alloy made of 92,5% pure Silver and 7,5% Copper, also know as 925 Silver. Sterling Silver is a timeless investment. All our Silver jewels are Rhodium plated for an extra shiny finish. 


How to care: Our Silver jewels are made for every day and are water resistant. Sterling Silver can tarnish over time if you don't store it correct. We use an extra E-Coating Layer over the regular plating to help protect against tarnishing. Store your new jewels on a dry and dark place, use the included jewelry box for it. Do not store it in the bathroom. You can clean your jewels over time with a small amount of mild soup and a soft cloth. Please dry it completely. 



10/14k Gold:

 it is a precious metal which won't oxidize or discolor. It will be your best friend for lifetime. It's pretty easy to clean. Use a soft towel over time. That's it! 


Semi Precious Stones & Swarovski Crystals:

 We love sparkling stones. We use an array of semi precious stones, from howlite over turquoise. These beauties don't like water or chemicals. So please don't wear it during your daily beauty programs. 



NOTE: ZOECA does not guarantee that our gold plated jewelry last forever. Gold plated jewels will lose their color overtime, that's natural. You can reduce the speed by caring them well. We do not exchange any jewels which lost there color over months of wearing.

Please contact to get more infos about our in house regold service. 



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